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Hello, beauties!

Welcome to Thirteen Beauty Secrets – version 2.0.

If you’re a returning reader, you might be wondering what happened to all my previous posts. Well, I had a little bit of a meltdown in June. A melt-down which lead to me deleting everything from my blog and wishing to start from scratch. It was a bold move, but I’m still positive that it was a good one. There are a few reasons why I made this decision, but I’ll talk you through the main two.

In March, I made the decision to go completely cruelty-free with my beauty products and had a big clear out of all the stuff I’ve accumulated from beauty subscription boxes and purchases over the years. It’s been something I’ve been working towards for a while – gradually replacing products as I finished them up and selling anything brand new I’d had stored for a while. You’re probably wondering what the hell happened in March to make me suddenly throw out half my make-up, hair, body and whatever else products, and why I couldn’t just continue with my ‘gradual transition’. Well, in late February, I adopted a little pooch from my local animal sanctuary, named TJ. 

It wasn’t so much the act of adopting a dog that changed my mind on things, but my heart completely changed the more I learnt about TJ’s past. He was not yet 3 years old when he was picked up by the dog warden after being found wandering the streets. As with most strays, he was dirty, malnourished, and had infections in his gums and paws. The sanctuary told me that when they first took him on, there were noticeable traits that commonly occur with dogs who had been abused – among other things, there was nervousness around humans and an attitude towards larger dogs. Some of these traits have improved over time once he’s learnt to trust, but he still bears several scars on his body which I’m certain are burns or marks from fighting with other dogs.

Learning how difficult TJ’s start to life was it really hit me that there are people out there who think it’s acceptable to abuse or torture animals, and I struggled to get the mental image out of my head that lab animals are treated like this every day. TJ had a second chance with a new home, but lab animals are born and die within the walls of the laboratory.

I’m rambling now, so I’ll get to the point of why this caused me to erase my whole blog. The bulk of my website was made up of subscription box reviews from the likes of Birchbox, Glossybox and Look Fantastic. There are many cruelty-free and even vegan products within these boxes, but on the whole, these companies aren’t promoters of cruelty-free beauty and so I felt like there wasn’t a place for these reviews on my blog anymore.

Additional to that, and my second reason is that I’m still not happy with how my blog was going. I made the decision to re-brand in May transforming from Katt Wolf to Thirteen Beauty Secrets. I also completely re-styled my website, changing the theme and layout and adding in better features. But that still wasn’t quite enough – I wasn’t happy with what I was publishing either. I was close to quitting altogether, but I’ve had nearly two months to reflect on what I want out of this blog and where I want it to go. I’ve also been really inspired by some of my favourite bloggers (and youtubers for that matter) to do bigger and better things with Thirteen Beauty Secrets, and I felt that was best achieved with a clean slate.

I hope you’ll stick with me as I re-build Thirteen Beauty Secrets into something I can be proud of!

Lottie Lockwood

Created and written by Lottie Lockwood, Thirteen Beauty Secrets is a blog about beauty, lifestyle and everything in between. Founded in 2017, Lottie created this space on the internet to ramble about her interests and take you on her journey to becoming cruelty-free and more eco-friendly.

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  1. 19th August 2018 / 12:01 am

    Such a bold move! I look forward to seeing what’s to come. The stories about rescue animals never fail to break my heart. I don’t understand why people can’t find their pets other homes if they don’t want them? Or how anyone could ever hurt them? Good luck continuing to transition to only cruelty free, it isn’t always easy. I’m not quite there yet but it’s definitely something I’m becoming more mindful of. I hope your new fur baby has settled in well! x


    • 19th August 2018 / 5:53 pm

      Thank you, Sophie! I’m still happy with my decision to start again. I’ve already got several posts drafted, which I’m so much happier with than what I’d been posting before.

      I’m exactly the same! Dogs are only ever loving to their human, and I can’t understand how anyone could be cruel or hurt them even when they have been naughty! One of the best choices I made was to adopt rather than buy one from a breeder. Not only are there too many abandoned in shelters and sanctuaries, but he’s turned out to be one of the most loving and loyal dogs I’ve ever known, and definitely the perfect companion for me!

      The one thing I’ve found most difficult about going cruelty-free is the amount of research you have to do before buying something! Makeup and skincare I’ve found to be the easy part, it’s the conscious thoughts you have to always have when purchasing things like household and laundry products which is more challenging!

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