About me
Hello, beauties! I’m Lottie, welcome to my little space on the internet.

I’m a 20-something beauty enthusiast from the historic town of Oxford which is pretty famous for its University. During the day you’ll find me working a typical 9-5 office job, but my evenings are usually dedicated to the blogging community and my beloved Netflix.

About my blog
I started blogging in April 2017 as kattwolf.uk, however, after only a year of blogging, I re-branded to Thirteen Beauty Secrets. I wrote a post stating why I re-branded, which you can read here. I originally started blogging through the recommendation of a few friends, though sinc

e the launch of my blog it’s become somewhat of a creative outlet for me. I enjoy my day job but it doesn’t allow me the flexibility I have with my blog, so it’s ideal for me to have a space to unleash my creative energy and ideas that would otherwise go to waste.

All views expressed on www.thirteenbeautysecrets.com are my own, and I will always share my honest opinion with you. All products featured on my blog are purchased by myself, however, if I have been lucky enough to be gifted an item for a sponsored post this will always be clearly marked for you to see.