This disclosure policy is designed to tell you about any affiliation or sponsorship’s that you may come across on Thirteen Beauty Secrets. All posts here on Thirteen Beauty Secrets have been written by myself, Katt Lockwood. Any opinions stated here are my own, and brought to you with 100% honesty.

Occasionally I quote text from other websites – particularly where there is a claim regarding a product or an ingredients list. Where this is applicable, a link to the original text source will be available.

I would just like to remind that everybody’s skin and bodies are different – what works for me may not work for others, and vice versa. Thirteen Beauty Secrets is a positive place, therefore I will not promote nor bad-mouth a product that doesn’t work for me or that I don’t believe in. I will only promote or link to products which I believe are worth a purchase.


Thirteen Beauty Secrets utilizes affiliate links within blog posts, which means if you click and/or make a purchase via a link then it may generate a small commission from the click and/or sale which comes to me.

At current, I am a member of the following affiliate programmes:

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PR Samples & Sponsored Posts

Whist a lot of my blog is made up of products and brands I discover and want to promote to you, there are occasions where a brand reaches out to me wishing to provide products for a review or to sponsor a post. Any PR sample products received will be marked with a * within the post, and all PR or sponsored posts will have a full disclaimer (usually at the top or bottom of the post).

I am a PR-friendly blog and am willing to work with companies that fit within my niche. Any compensation received will not have an effect on my opinion of a product.

You can contact me at for more information or if you wish to work together.